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Uthalden AS is Mr Harald Moræus-Hanssen’s 100% owned private investment company. Uthalden AS invests in stock listed securities as well as private companies and assets, mostly in the in the shipping, offshore and oil service sector where Uthalden currently controls a fleet of 21 vessels/units (see more information under Fleet list). Mr. Moræus Hanssen has a long history and strong track record within investments in the maritime sector.

Furthermore, Uthalden AS is the majority owner of Uthalden Maritime Management AS, a experienced Disponent and Business Manager in the shipping and offshore markets. In 2017 the real estate investments of Uthalden AS was spun off into a separate company – Uthalden Eiendom AS
Uthalden Maritime Management AS takes on an active role when supervising on technical and commercial matters throughout the process of acquiring, head management and selling assets, as well as the daily business management. The Company offers its services exclusively to projects ventured by Uthalden AS.
Maritime Management
Uthalden Eiendom AS is an investment company with investments mainly within the property segment.
Real Estate
Harald Moræus-Hanssen
Owner - Uthalden AS
Janne Green Heglund
CFO and Partner - Uthalden Maritime Management AS
CEO - Uthalden Eiendom AS
CFO - Uthalden AS

Jonas Advocaat Kraft
Partner - Uthalden Maritime Management AS
Petter Fredrik Bøe
CEO and Partner - Uthalden Maritime Management AS

Henrik Christensen
Chair of the Board - Uthalden Maritime Management AS
Gabriella Magnussen Maltun
Business Manager -Uthalden Maritime Management AS
Magnus D. Buraas
Business Manager -Uthalden Maritime Management AS
Anders Hessevik
Fleet Director -Uthalden Maritime Management AS
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